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Sichuan United Environment Exchange (SUEE)
International Mining Business

As the second largest economic entity in the world, China's industry is growing fast and domestic demand of minrals is increasing rapidly. Meanwhile, many domestic companies are trying to find mining investment opportunities abroad. Mining investment and financing activities are drawing more and more attention of government and be encouraged by government. To help the industry to respond and equilibrate supply/demand and also help Chinese and foreign enterprises to develop partnerships, find business opportunites, Sichuan United Evironment Exchange (SUEE) has created the International Mining Business Service, focussed on four branches:

Minerals Spot Trading Market
Mining Investment and Financing Service
Mining Rights Trading Market

A standard, professional and efficient team is the security of successful transaction and ensuring better services for investors and partners.

SUEE is developing partnership around the world and building a network wich provides useful information and business opportunities from Africa, Asian, South America and Australia that investors need by now.

Minerals Spot Trading Market:
Sichuan United Environment Exchange (SUEE) is able to help investors issue demand information of minerals and seek for business opportunities, provide business informations in Metallic and non-metallic ores, ore concentrates (Iron, Copper, Lead, Zinc, Silver, Bauxite, Lithium, Gold dust, Cobalt, Manganese, Phosphate,...) and various minerals through overseas and domestic partnership and facilitate business between buyers and sellers.

Mining Investment and Financing Service:
This service has been set up to ensure better quality service for investors, clients and other partners by providing business information in enterprise M&A, stock transfer etc. and help investors to get business opportunities they seek by issuing demand information of mining investment and financing opportunities.

Mining Rights Trading Market:
As a bridge between overseas and domestics markets, Sichuan United Environment Exchange (SUEE) provide business information and investment opportunities in exploration rights, mining rights etc. and help investors find opportunities they seek.

Providing consulting service about international mining informations for customers and help customers seize business opportunity better.

SUEE encourages domestic and overseas investors, clients, partners or others to express their needs in minerals, mining rights, mining investment and financing etc, the Mining Trading Department dynamic team will offer best service to make business possible.

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